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TL866II Plus USB High Performance Universal Programmer
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TL866II Plus USB High Performance Universal Programmer

TL866II Plus Programmer เป็น Programmer อเนกประสงค์รุ่นใหม่ล่าสุดในตระกูล TL866

8xIC Adapter + 1xสาย USB + 1xสาย SPI + 1xคีมถอด IC

TL866II Plus Programmer Highlights Benefits

1. Supports a computer with 4 programmers burning at the same time. 
2. Small size, high density, low power consumption, high performance, a truly comprehensive programmer. 
3. All chips don't use external power supply. Their low power consumption ensures that the USB port can provide enough power. 
4. The best internal 40-pin overvoltage protection, the strongest VPP, VCC four overcurrent protection. Short-circuiting does not reset the PC or programmer. 
5. Wide range of chip 15000+ support, support serial series, parallel series 40/44/48PIN large-capacity FLASH. 
6. Unique serial programming ICSP interface supports serial download and high-speed parallel high voltage programming. Note: The TL866CS does not support ICSP interface programming. 
7. Can really test 74/54 CMOS4000 series integrated circuit. Can locate the gate circuit error. 
8. The chip serial number function is the most complete and practical. 
9. Original support for AVR microcontroller with internal RC correction byte Calibration on the chip volume production operations. Make brute-forced software unable to run directly on another chip of the same model. 
10. Automatically detect poor contact or incorrect insertion of the chip pins to avoid damage to the device.


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