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Stepper Motor Driver Module (ULN2003)
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Stepper Motor Driver Module ULN2003

The ULN2003 APG is a convenient package of seven Darlington transistors, which means it's an easy way to drive up to seven loads up to 500mA to 50V maximum. This nice IC is mounted in a circuit board specifically designed to drive unipolar stepper motors, especially these 16:1 and 64:1 stepper gearmotors.

Stepper Motor Driver Features:


  • Uses well-proven ULN2003 driver IC
  • Maximum 500mA/channel (50V maximum)
  • Socketed for direct connection to the 22305 16:1 and 22310 64:1 stepper gear motors
  • Indictor LEDs show coil energization
  • 4 presoldered input channel pins
  • Works well with Arduino stepper and AccelStepper libraries

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