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YDLIDAR X4 Lidar – 360-degree Laser Range Scanner (10 m)
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YDLIDAR X4 Lidar – 360-degree Laser Range Scanner (10 m)

YDLIDAR X4 lidar is a 360-degree two-dimensional laser range scanner (LIDAR). This device uses triangulation principle to measure distance, together with the appropriate optical, electrical, algorithm design, to achieve high-precision distance measurement.


  • 360-degree scanning distance measurement
  • Small distance error; stable distance measurement and high accuracy
  • Measuring distance: 0.12-10 m
  • Resistance to ambient light interference
  • Industrial grade motor drive for stable performance
  • Laser-grade: Class I
  • 360-degree omnidirectional scanning; 6-12 Hz adaptive scanning frequency
  • Range finder frequency: 5000 times/s



  • Robot navigation and obstacle avoidance
  • Robot ROS teaching and research
  • Regional security
  • Environmental Scan and 3D Reconstruction
  • Home service robot/sweeping robot navigation and obstacle avoidance

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